Duet exists to release ease, effectiveness, and harmony into the ways we work together.

We start by grounding in your purpose. Then we facilitate the use of dynamic and adaptive structures and processes that are best suited to help you express it.

Successful collaboration between people in different teams or organizations is our aim and specialty.

Our emerging offerings include professional services, workshops, training, coaching, and backbone support for collective impact work.

Purpose Agents

Duet is a self-organizing enterprise running with Holacracy. Each purpose agent energizes several evolving roles.

Amanda Blaine

Amanda Blaine

Purpose Agent

Amanda has two decades of experience working with youth and adults to help groups achieve their highest purpose. Since 2011 she has been helping people collaborate more effectively as an expert in Compassionate or Nonviolent Communication. She also brings a whole systems perspective to her work as a systemic constellations facilitator.

Amanda holds a BA from Princeton, a M.Ed. from Harvard and has been trained in Holacracy.

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Dianne Dickerson

Purpose Agent / Co Founder

Dianne has over 30 years of positive impact as a leader and consultant for organizations in private, corporate and healthcare sectors. An expert in Lean practices, the unifying theme of her career continues to be helping individuals and teams collaborate to produce unprecedented results.

She holds a BS in Business Administration from Central Washington University, is a Certified Holacracy Practitioner, and is a trained Holacracy Coach.


Melissa Ransdell

Purpose Agent / Co Founder

Melissa has been a leader, advisor and collaborator to private, public and nonprofit organizations in operations and marketing/communications for more than 30 years,

She holds graduate certificates in Women’s Integral Leadership from Saybrook Graduate School, has a BS in Visual Communications from Western Washington University, is a Certified Holacracy Practitioner, and is a trained Holacracy Coach.