Are you looking for a way to grow your skills and experience with new operating models and practices for dynamic collaboration?

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Purpose of the group: Generating enthusiasm, opportunity and connection for people to experience and practice dynamic collaboration, holacracy and other Next Stage methods.

Our focus in our time together is hands-on, experiential practice.

We also take time to debrief and discuss principles. We sometimes practice using a simulation and sometimes work with a real situation.

You’ll get to practice and fine-tune your meeting skills and can opt to facilitate. We rotate the facilitator-in-training, with backup by an experienced facilitator who offers support and feedback.

We generally meet for 90 minute sessions online via Zoom (open to anyone) or in person in the Seattle area (open to anyone who wants to travel to participate!).

We generally meet about once a month.

This group is for folks who already have some previous experience or training in dynamic collaboration, holacracy or other Next Stage models. If you’re interested but you don’t yet have an beginner understanding at least, sign up here to get periodic updates from Duet about public and introductory offerings.