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Curious about what dynamic collaboration can do for you? Bring your questions and collaboration challenges to a complimentary 30-minute online consultation and we’ll provide recommendations that you can use right away. If you want more, we’ll also offer options for next steps with Duet.

Duet’s evolving professional services, workshops, coaching and free resources liberate teams and individuals to bring their greatest strengths and creative potential to collaborations.

Featured Offerings

Workshop: Introduction to Dynamic Collaboration

Learn the principles and practices of Dynamic Collaboration and experience first-hand how work is coordinated and decisions are made by participating in a simulation.

Workshop sessions are available onsite or online.

Purpose Discovery

A clear and compelling purpose is at the heart of dynamic collaboration.

Someone with an outside perspective, who has the ability to see beyond the status quo and integrate multiple perspectives, can help a group discover its purpose quickly.

Duet can do just that and offers a Purpose Discovery package for new collaborations and a Purpose Refinement package for established collaborations.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

An outside facilitator can maximize the value of collaboration for everyone involved.

Duet applies expert dynamic facilitation skills to meeting design, preparation, facilitation and follow-up services for everything from a single event to recurring online meetings.

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