Trust, rapport, and progress

“Duet allowed our group to build trust and rapport, but at the same time learn a better way to be more productive in working together.

Too often standard meetings are dominated by one voice at the expense of progress. Duet was able to structure meetings so that each member’s contribution was valued, but not at the expense of the collective effort.

Duet helped us to develop a shared vision that guided our decision-making, which made us more efficient and purpose-driven. With the guidance of Duet we were able to get more done in less time with greater purpose.”

Felicia Cain, MSN RN

Public Health Nurse, Snohomish Health District

Greater effectiveness

“Our organization is running with greater efficiency and effectiveness since making a commitment to adopt the dynamic systems and practices.”

Jim Dean

Executive Director, Interfaith Association of NW Washington

Experience it!

“Until people experience this (dynamic collaboration) they won’t believe it.”

Jan Strand

Director, WorkFirst, BFET, Opportunity Grant & Re-Entry Programs, Edmonds Community College